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Want to thrive overseas? We’ve created free resources for some of the most common issues expat families face. Coming soon!

Learn a Language

Language experts agree that aptitude + effort + input = learning. Our Language Learning Cheat Sheet is full of great ideas for getting more input and making learning fun, so that it’s easy to put in more effort.

Help Kids Adjust

The Expat Kid Happiness Cheat Sheet is a simple flowchart to help you identify and solve some of the most common issues Third Culture Kids experience.

Get Settled Overseas

Download our free checklist for the most important things to do to get settled overseas, including some tips for handling common roadblocks.

Manage Stress for Happier Relationships

This mini e-book, written especially for expats, goes over some of the most common causes for stress in expat relationships, and gives some helpful tips for cultivating positive stress-management techniques that will last.

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